Strike-a-pose [cycle:2 ] Blogspot.

August 14, 2009

This will be the offical Strike-a-Pose [cycle: 2] blog!

*disclaimer: if you participated last cycle and did not win, you can still submit an audition application for this cycle*

First let me thank you for taking an interest in our little competition. We are currently taking audition applications until Saturday September 5th  Midnight CST. Within 48 hours after that, the 14 lovely ladies chosen will receive confirmation emails. Those not chosen will also receive emails saying as such.

We are looking for ladies of all beauty types, ages YA & A, to make this cycle interesting and the competition fierce!

If you’re asking yourself: “This says [cycle: 2] but, where the heck is [cycle: 1]? The answer can be found in our blogroll (to the right of the screen) under “Strike-a-Pose [cycle: 1].”

Still unsure?! Check out the blog and have a look around at what will be expected from you during each photo shoot in this cycle before you submit. (Helpful hint: Click on “Guidelines and Judging Rubric”)

I’m ready! Where do i send my information?! What do i send?! Please click on “Audition Application” and check out what we need and where we need it sent! Please read this page CAREFULLY!

We look forward to your auditions!

-PlumeMusix Productions/The “Strike-a-Pose” team.