Challenge 5

September 30, 2009

First, sorry ive been lax with updating the blog. Finals for my late summer class ended this week with 2 7-page papers due. Yikes. Anyways, im done for a while now so I promise to update regularly again.

All entries were received for challenge 5.

This means:
1 person will receive immunity for challenge 6
1 person will be eliminated.

I am getting the submissions posted as we speak. Ill update this when i do.



Challenge 3

September 15, 2009

Results from challenge 2 have been emailed and posted.

Immunity – Charlotte Rose with 45pts

Eliminated – Prue Wilson with 34pts

*Due to an emergency with one of the judges, shoot 1 and 2 will not have additional scores or commentary added to them, but shoot 3 + will be complete.*

Visit “photoshoots” to see your next assignment and due date!

Challenge 2

September 11, 2009

Challenge 2 has been emailed and posted.

-Note the extended deadline-

No one was eliminated from photo shoot 1 because 2 were already disqualified.

In addition, we had an unexpected snag with one of the judges. Therefore when viewing your scores, please keep in mind that one judges points are currently unaccounted for.



Challenge 1 +Update!+

September 7, 2009

Entries for Challenge 1 are available for viewing.

Currently waiting on (1) judge to submit scores and commentary.



Final 14

September 6, 2009

The final 14 have been selected and emailed!

If you did not receive an email, this means you did not make it, we are sorry and hope you stay tuned to the blog and follow along!