The Battle of the Charlottes!

October 28, 2009

Hello all! Welcome to the final 2! We are entering the battle of the charlottes!

The winner of “The Bare Essentials” shoot is:

Charlotte Rose with 45pts.

The model going home is…Isla Quinn with 36pts. We are so glad you stuck around!

This means that Charlotte Rose & Charlotte Fox will duke it out in the “double whammy”.

Stay tuned.




Challenge 9

October 23, 2009

During challenge 9, the models were asked to “Compose” themselves. We had each model represent a music genre; Rap – Country – Rock & Pop. Here are the results.

With 44pts, Charlotte Rose is our higest scoring model.

Followed by Isla Quinn with 43pts

Charlotte Fox with 42pts

And the model going home is Kaz Peterman with 40pts. We hope you lurk and apply for cycle 3!

You can also view the next photo shoot requirements and deadline under “photoshoots”



Challenge 7

October 12, 2009

Ladies and gents!

We are down to the final 5!!

The model with the highest score for challenge 7 is… Tozzi Crawford with 44pts!

The model going home is…Jolene Rashad with 42pts…We will miss you!!


Check out “Photoshoots” for the next challenge!

Challenge 6

October 5, 2009

You can view the commentary and results for challenge 6: HERE

You can view the guidelines for challenge 7: HERE

Winner of challenge 6: Charlotte Fox with 45pts. (This means she has immunity for challenge 7)

Eliminated in challenge 6: Natalia Brookfield with 35pts. We are sad to have to have eliminated you. We hope you follow the rest of the cycle and stay tuned for cycle 3!