Guidelines & Judging

Guidelines for EVERY photo shoot:

– The submission deadline is always 48 hours after the shoots have been emailed, and posted. However, if the entry’s have all been submitted early then they shall be posted earlier, which means the competition moves faster.

– A short ‘role play’ interaction is required with each entry. This consists of a short paragraph explaining your model’s reaction to the shoot [things they enjoyed, things they hated, throwing temper tantrums, being shy, fainting etc…]. Examples can be found on the Cycle 1 blog.

-CAS shots are only accepted during auditions, and even then it is only one. Turning in a CAS shot as an entry will result in a zero for that round meaning instant elimination. So just don’t use them as entries ;P

-Each photo shoot will require two shots, generally one is a Mid-Shot [torso up], and one is a Full-Body [entire body, or nearly entire body]. If the requirements are changed, they will be explained in the shoot post, and your email, so watch for them!

-Follow the guidelines of each shoot! This is how we are judging your entries! If you fail to, it will result in lower scores and therefore putting you close to elimination. This does not mean that you can’t think out side of the box. We encourage this!

-Please note that we do not accept photos that have been doctored in any way, with any program. [i.e. Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, etc.]

-Cropping will be permitted this cycle [to enable portrait photos], however specific sizes will be given for cropping and that is to be discussed. [this can be changed]

-Camera mods are permitted [modthesims]. This will not give you an advantage! But it does make picture taking less drift like.

-All custom content is allowed [unless noted otherwise], but will not give you an advantage.

-You must submit 2 photos for judging each round.

-No dirty photos please :]


Judging Rubric (what your photos will be judged on):

When we judges receive a submission, we will be judging these (4) things:

  1. Role Play – Did the model submit a role play? If so, was it relevant/entertaining/within the guidelines?
  2. Guidelines – How well did the model follow the guidelines for this shoot?
  3. Originality – Was the submission original? Was there any effort involved?
  4. Clothing/Hair/Makeup – How well did each of these elements mesh together? Or seperatly, depending on the photoshoot

These will be judged on a point system from 1-4 points each. (1 being the worst, 4 being the best).  You will be able to receive anywhere from 4 – 16 points per judge. The scores from all the judges will be added together and we will list them in order on the blog. A model from the top three scores will be chosen as the winner and will have immunity* (when there is immunity with a challenge). Likewise, a model from the bottom three scores will be chosen for elimination.

*Please note that zeroes can be given for not following the rules. [specifically for turning in a CAS shot]

Please note that we do not accept photos that have been doctored in any way, with any program. [i.e. Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, etc.]

7 Responses to Guidelines & Judging

  1. elizabethwyn says:

    So happy that custom content is allowed <333

  2. cierra123 says:

    Okay were do i audition at??

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Cierra,
      I don’t think there are auditions anymore…this cycle began over a month ago.
      But stay tuned to see how the competition plays out! :]

      Sincerely, Elizabeth ❤

  3. Lisa says:

    If you’re doing a next cycle, would there be a chance at getting a new judge?
    I’m very interested and have been being creeping around for awhile.

  4. RD says:

    When do you all expect the next cycle to begin. I just want to be sure to check back in and have a model ready.

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