Eily Ross (commeuneplume): Hailing from a small Texas town, Eily always promised herself she would get out and experience big-city life. Her parents recognized her talent and natural beauty and quickly stuck her in catalogs for the local Mega-Lo Mart. Though, Eily always had bigger plans. She obtained a part time job and saved every cent she could until the day she graduated from high-school. It was then that she informed her friends and loved ones that she had purchased a plane ticket to New York, where she would pursue her dreams of becoming a great supermodel. It’s been a long, rocky road. Now 22 years old, Eily has created this competition for all of you who dream of becoming great models! She wishes you all the best of luck!

Jake Bradley (MrMarco): Jake has always been a bit different, and that’s why he figures he fits so well in the fashion world. Thinking outside of the box and constantly coming up with crazy ideas, Jake has always had one leg in the fashion world door. At a mere 19 years old, Jake has turned into a world renowned Runway coach, as well as fashion designer. In his spare time, Jake likes to party and have a good time with other people in the fashion industry. So naturally, when Eily Ross invited him to be a judge, he took the opportunity with open arms. Not only is Jake ready for judging… Jake is ready to have a blast.


Aubrey Cartwright (DrMusix): Aubrey Cartwright is the third son of the politically influential Cartwright family. He originally studied business administration at Brown University, but his passion has always been photography. Following his dream, he spent two years in Europe as an apprentice to world renown fashion photographer Cyril Finnimore. He currently works as StudiosCyFi’s executive coordinator and lead photographer. His skill and expertise has caught the attention of many advertisers such as, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, and PacSun. Aubrey loves the ocean, enjoys surfing and has a bad habit of driving with his feet.

Elysse Bronte (AngelofMusic20): Elysse Bronte’s love for fashion began when she was a young teenager, surrounded by an ambitious family who had other plans for her. At the age of seventeen, she put her foot down and decided to finally follow her dreams. At university, she majored in Fashion and minored in English, and after graduating, landed a job as an editor to a small fashion magazine, Simstyle. Now, four years later at the age of twenty three, through hard work and perseverance, Elysse is the Head Fashion Director of Simstyle Magazine, which has become one of the most successful fashion magazines known to the fashion world. As a judge of this competition, she is now hoping to use her expertise in fashion to help young, aspiring models succeed.


One Response to Judges

  1. Cierra says:

    All of u judges r pretty but what happend to the other guy?

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