Charlotte Fox (ElizabethWyn);; Charlotte was always teased as a child for being too tall and skinny. Now, Charlotte is the epitome of natural beauty. At age 18 (young adult), Charlotte lives in a modern house in Riverview with her sophisticated parents and twin brother Will. She plans on moving out on her own to pursue a career as a model…

Charlotte Rose (berrypie27);; I am a small town girl from Riverview, and I recently had my first taste of stardom. You may remember me from the movie “Breakfast in Bed”. I have always wanted to model and thought if I got into acting, that it might just jump start my modeling career. I am looking forward to having a chance to show my stuff.

Genevieve Wesson (georaldo);; Genevieve was born on June 15th 1986 in a little town called Jerico Springs, Missouri, but her family soon moved after her birth to New York so they could pursue their careers in medicine. Genevieve led a fairly normal life with two parents, an older brother, a dog, and the closest thing you can get to a white picket fence in New York. She attended a prestigious private school, getting good enough grades to get her into an Ivy League university. Genevieve majored in English Literature to try and pursue her love for reading and writing. But seeing as her parents were career people though they told her she was to follow in the family business and study to become a world renowned surgeon. Although, Genevieve was a stubborn girl she refused and left her parents to make her own name for herself. Now Genevieve is trying out modeling so she, hopefully, can travel the world with a modeling career, piss off her parents, and write in her spare time.

Hanalee (Zanysazy);; Hanalee used to live in a small country town but moved to the city to Party. Hanalee wants to join because she is very interested in modeling and she thinks she is stunning.

Holly Anderson (jesshilse);; Holly was born and raised in Sunset Valley. Holly was an only child growing up, and her mother used to enter her into all sorts of beauty pageants since Holly was 2. Holly won her first pageant at the age of 6 at the “Little Miss thing Talent Show.” From then on Holly decided that she was going to make modeling her lifelong passion, and since then has won 5 more pageants. She was Senior Prom queen and now looks to add to her list of accomplishments by joining, strike a pose!

Isla Quinn (Ilovekiss92);; She’s a feisty, vegetarian, animal-rights activist. Isla is currently working in the Science career- she’s hoping to find out a way to rescue any animals from being tested on- all this and she’s only just a young adult! Originally from Veronaville, she left in search of a greener and more peaceful town, and arrived in Riverview. Currently single, her ideal man would be someone like Bob Dylan or John Lennon. Isla loves walking around barefoot around the river watching the fish swimming, and taking picnics by Simhenge.

Jolene Rashad (cantapoupe);; Born to a French mother and Iranian father, Jolene grew up in Quebec City. Throughout her student life, Jolene had not been very active. One thing she was passionate about, however, was the track team. She made the cut every year. Upon graduating from high school at the age of 19, Jolene moved to Toronto to experience the busy city life she’d always dreamt of. Using money saved up from her part-time high school job at the mall, she moved into the cheapest apartment she could find. Jolene’s first job in the city was in a local salon sweeping up hair and booking appointments. Now 23, Jolene has worked her way up the ranks and works as a stylist in a savvy downtown salon.

Juliet Anderson (DiscoTwitch);; Juliet is 20 years old, but she’s a ticking clock.  Being picked as the next heir of her family, The Andersons, Juliet was forced to succumb to the monstrosity that is Legacy Living.  Back at home in New Simson, Juliet is the social butterfly of the town, with dreams to someday rule the world and make everyone as happy-go-lucky as her.  Fortunately, when she grew into a teenager, the town quickly realized hoe utterly beautiful she was and convinced her to travel to the sparkling city of Sunset Valley.  Now she is on her own in a new town.  Moving caused her to rid of all her social obligations and really enjoy the beauty of the world.  She still hopes to someday make the world a better place, but within this new town, she’ll try it with smiles and laughter, instead of schmoozing.

Kaz Peterman (Uzi666);; Kaz is a bit of an oddball, never had too many friends, but she didn’t really mind. She’s 25 and from Riverview, born and raised. Kaz is obsessed with movies, is in love with Alec Baldwin and dreams of being Tina Fey in their show, 30 rock. Her traits are ambitious, clumsy, inappropriate, great kisser and charismatic. She certainly can’t wait to get out of this town and make something of herself.

Natalia Brookfield (Stylus325);; Daughter of Thornton Wolff and Bianca Brookfield, Natalia is the youngest of 3 siblings. She is known for her amazing pictures and loves “striking a pose”! She is in the process of taking the sim world by storm! She is also a featured model for Valeur Magazine.

Prue Wilson (acid_Minx);; Prue is a young Adult who is soon to have her price charming and walk down the church to be his wife. Prue has always lived in Sunset Valley with her mother, father two sisters. Prue has always been a fighter and never gives up on anything. If Prue is knocked down, she will get right back onto the horse and have a go again till she can make it with the best of the best.

Roxy Townson (Roxy24);; Roxy lives in a small country home in Riverview! Ever since she was little she had a sense of style, now she finds herself here, trying out as a model! She loves key lime pie and the colour blue! She recently redecorated her home to look more modern. She has a tattoo on her shoulder of stars, they mean a lot to her because her mom and her looked out at the stars every night, it was a tradition, it was special to her! but just a few years ago Roxy’s mom died, now the cute little tattoo is more than a tattoo, it’s a memory!

Sara Harrison (valennealv);; Sara is a strong, powerful woman with a need to win everything she enters. While growing up, Sara was classified as “The School Nerd”. Her classmates found her braces and overweight figure a sight for sore eyes. She was bullied and teased, which built up hatred inside her. Sara eventually became an outcast and was shunned to a lonely first year of High school. You would often see her sitting under her tree reading or in the school library hiding from the outside world. However the peer-pressure, bullying and teasing still didn’t stop, even when she was hiding from “Them”, creating more hatred. Eventually, the built up hatred inside her transformed into a devious, cunning plan. She had her braces removed, let her pigtailed hair down. Bought expensive garments and studied Vouge, Gucci and Versache like crazy. She had her hair dyed blonde and went on an intensive diet/workout plan over the summer holidays. The next year, she became The Queen Bee. The one teasing instead of being teased. The one bullying instead of being bullied. The one who became known as the school bitch. She bossed and bullied people around and enjoyed it. Her mean-evil spirited soul looked upon her victims and merely laughed at their tear filled eyes. Sara vowed never to think of her first year of high ever again. Now, 5 years later, Sara has become a noticeable model. She can often be seen in magazines and T.V ads, yet this is not enough for her. She wants more. She wants to be on top. She wants to be ahead of the rest. Most of all she wants to win… Just to see everyone else fail…

Tozzi Morgan Crawford (ariacadenza);; Tozzi, 21, lost her family to a devastating fire when she was a young teenager. She moved to Sunset Valley in hopes of “finding herself” She has spent the last 5 years traveling around the world catching any rock concert she can get herself into. Now, she’s looking for a change. Realizing she has virtually no talent in anything other than schmoozing her way to the front of ticket lines, she’s decided to give it a go at modeling. She’s recently picked up playing the guitar.

I am a small town girl from Riverview, and I recently had my first taste of stardom. You may remember me from the movie “Breakfast in Bed”. I have always wanted to model and thought if I got into acting, that it might just jump start my modeling career. I am looking forward to having a chance to show my stuff.


7 Responses to Models

  1. Sara says:

    Hmmm, my into is more like a story..
    Sorry for it being so long..

  2. Cierra says:

    Okay im on strike a pose and i want to enter my model because i never did anything like this before and i dont know how this site seems so cool like sims 3 modeling now i just all of sudden want to play the game maake a sims and take photos plase tell me how to enter my model becuase she will be beautiful promise♥

    • modellife says:

      Hi there. We are in the middle of cycle 2 right now and not currently accepting audition applications. Whenever we start acceping applications for cycle 3 we will announce it on the blog here. Along with how to apply. We hope you follow along and stay tuned until then!

  3. cierra123 says:

    Okay i defidntly will.By the way i love the site.Its so awesome but plz message me n teel me wen i can audition because i really do want to do this for my sims lol.I’ve always seen sims 2 modeling and i wanted to do sims 3 but never found any sites for it so thanxs so much.

  4. Cierra says:


  5. Jermaine Gash says:

    I cant want until the next round. Please email me when we can enter our sims in the next round!! 🙂

  6. Jermaine Gash says:

    Everyone check Out my model, She has a myspace page where u can veiw images from her photoshoots. You dont want to miss her:) Her name is Valentina Love, check her out on myspace.

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