Commentary – 7 Deadly Sins

Note: All models are listed in order by score.

Immunity for this challenge – Isla Quinn



Charlotte Fox – 45pts *Immunity for shoot 7*


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “It’s so refreshing to see you come out of your little’girly’ charlotte shell! Seeing some raw emotion was great! Fantastic job! Also, thanks for actually submitting a headshot!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “Look who came out of herself! I am absolutely floored!! I love it! I commend you for stepping out of your natural “cutsy” shell and showing me what else you are capable of.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “WOW! The headshot was amazing! I found it interesting and creative how you decided to portray yourself taking anger upon…yourself. The colours, the facial expressions, the style…everything was perfect. Good job.”


Charlotte Rose – 44pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “You continue to amaze me! Everything about this submission is amazing! Great job creating this scene! Thanks for submitting a headshot!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “Yellow/Gold works all to well for you!  These photos look great. Very well done.

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20):  “You go girl! You were simply stunning in this shoot and I could tell you had greed even before I read the very well written  roleplay. Absolutely amazing. The colours, the dress, the props, everything was awesome.”


Tozzi Crawford – 41pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “This series tickled my funny bone! I feel lust here, but in the second one, it’s this strange “oh please dont leave me” desparation! Great job!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “I enjoyed these photos. I got a lot of feeling from them, however it wasn’t lust. I laughed a little, but in a good way. These are some of my favorite photos of the cycle. Good job

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “Your shoot was amazing, Tozzi. The facial expressions you had really portrayed ‘lust’ very well.”


Jolene Rashad – 38pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “I love love the photos of yourself on the wall haha! I think that really added an extra something to this shoot. I do feel like im missing some extra pizazz somewhere and you did not submit a headshot.”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix):  “Vanity? I sorta get it. The pictures look nice. I feel that they could go a bit further. There is potential for them to be better.

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “A lot of girls forgot to do a headshot in this challenge, including you, which is a shame because two points were taken because of that. Your shots were really nice, though. I think that the mirrors etc really showed the sin of vanity. The purple dress is beautiful, and so are you in this shoot!”


Kaz Peterman – 36pts



Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “The trait ‘slob’ would have worked wildly in your favor here – It allows sims to lick plates. We handed out these sins to challenge you so yes, while giving gluttony to the skinniest model might not be ideal, it was the point of the challenge.”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix):  “I wasn’t convinced. Maybe it was partly due to giving gluttony to the skinniest model. Maybe it was a lack of creativity. I feel you lost the essence of Kaz in this shoot. I hope she comes back soon.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “It was clear to me that you did your research and your shots turned out decently. With a little more creativity, you would have done better, but to be honest, compared to most of the girls in this challenge, your shots didn’t stand out.”


Natalia Brookfield – 35pts *Eliminated*


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “You did not submit a headshot here, or even a shot that could count as a mid-shot really. I was fully engaged in your RP but i feel like you sacrificed an extensive RP for your photos. We’re sad to see you go”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “I can definitely tell that you traded a very good RP for very good photos…”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “The roleplay was a tad too long for my liking, but it was very well written and had me captured. The shots were decent, but you didn’t have a headshot, which was required for this challenge. I did like your hair and eyeshadow in particular as far as style goes.”


Isla Quinn – 30pts(i)



Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “Isla, you have immunity so we cannot eliminate you. You did not submit a headshot, or even a mid-shot. The color assigned to you was not readily seen and you could have used traits like ‘couch potato’ to your advantage here.”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “I wasn’t convinced. There could be a lot of ways to represent ‘sloth’. I don’t feel the effort. Where is the boho Isla from the beginning of the cyle? I miss her uniqueness.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “Isla, you’re like a yoyo. One challenge you amaze me, the next you…well, don’t. The shots I received were definitely in the latter category. I know you can produce much, much better shots than these ones. I’ve seen you do it before! I’ll just remind you that the guidelines are pretty important, and there was supposed to be a headshot. Also, just because your sin was ‘sloth’, it doesn’t mean you had to be a slob! Consider yourself lucky that you have immunity for this challenge.”



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