Commentary – Rainbow Connection

Note: Models are listed by order of score


Charlotte Fox – 44pts *Winner*


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “You have come SO far from the beginning of this competition. I am so proud of you! I really think you took this challenge and turned it around. Way to bring the game. You’ve become one to watch in this compeition!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “I am more than pleased with the end result of this photo shoot! You did an amazing job! I honestly thought you would botch up while using gold and black, but you pulled it of nicely. This is the perfect time for you to show off the other creative sides of yourself. The other models may need to watch out for you.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “The use of colours was excellent. In the full shot, the pose is a little awkward, but the mid shot is beautiful.”


Isla Quinn – 43pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “I am in LOVE with this. I feel like im totally lost in a sugar coated fantasy world with magical gnomes! Haha, it’s so great! I love the pose in your full-length shot. Keep up the amazing job!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): I like your photos and at the same time, I don’t. There is something in them that is putting me off. I cant put my finger on it. I really enjoy that you break from your natural red hair and experimented. The wig looks great on you. The closer shot reminds me of the 80s cartoon Jem & the holograms. I think overall you did a great job fusing pink and yellow!”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “Very colorful! You used the colours amazingly and the creativity was outstanding. I really liked the head shot in particular. Of course, the full shot was quite good, but your facial expression was just a little off. The background was spectacular as well…the idea of it being some kind of magical land really helped me understand the whole idea of the shoot.”


Charlotte Rose – 39pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “I feel like you are slipping away from us! You started off so strong in the competition, i miss the old you! Other than that I did really enjoy these submissions. Especially the full-shot where you managed to pose like the painting that your whole idea revolved around. Great way to really bring that element to life!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “You are diffinitly right about the colors. They are polor opposites of each other. You did a good job of tying the two together. I love that you posed like the painting! Overall you did a good job, however, it isn’t of star-quality I am used to seeing from you. With opposite color spectrums, it is wiser to use solid bold statements as oppose to merge them with patterns. Example, the rug on the floor.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “To be honest, your shots didn’t amaze me this time. I definitely liked them and you clearly followed all the guidelines (the roleplay could have used some work) but there just was nothing all that special about them. Better luck next time. I’ve liked you from the beginning of this competition, so don’t let yourself down! I know you can do it!”


Kaz Peterman – 39pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “The headshot is amazing! I get what you are trying to portray here, but i dont feel like it was executed that well. Your boyfriend sticks out, and he isnt showing that much emotion towards you. I simply dont feel the PASSION from him.”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “I am in love with your head-shot. It is artistic. Im not a huge fan of the full-length. Your boyfriend kind of is a distraction because he does not meet the criteria of red and purple. He sticks out. I really like the idea behind the photos. I would have never though of passion, and it works well.

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “The head shot was absolutely beautiful. I would honestly give you 100% for that one – but that full shot was…not so amazing. Your use of the assigned colours was good, but it was just a little boring for me, and I didn’t particularly like the boyfriend just ‘standing there’. You’ve come a long way, though…I’ll give you that!”


Tozzi Crawford – 38pts *Eliminated*


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “I feel like the swimming pool, was too cliche here. That being said, your photos really brought a great big smile to my face. I feel like you brought so much personality with your full-shot, but the headshot, symmetrical as it may be, was just lacking for me.”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): Thank you for bringing two emotions to the table. I like being able to see serious and fun photos within the same photoshoot. I feel a bit like green, aqua, and a swimming pool is a bit cliché, but you didn’t over do it. And I commend you for finding the limit between too much and just enough.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “Your shots were…interesting. They had a really fun look, yet sort of relaxing as well. The head shot is slightly boring and could have been done differently for a better shot. In your roleplay, when it says “aqua” means water, well…yes. Aqua does equal water, but Aqua is a colour as well, generally a greenish – blue.”



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  1. Rawla says:

    Wow! These photos are wonderful! Congrats Charlotte Fox.

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