“The Showdown”

Hello models, and welcome to the finale!

Just a reminder: the winner of this finale will receive

– a $10 sims3 card

– a cover shoot with SimStyle magazine

– a guest spot judging for cycle 3

– a shiny banner just for them!

This finale is all about appealing to the designers and brands out there and showing them you have what it takes to represent their brand!

There will be (2) assignments due for the finale; they are as follows:


Assignment 1:

“It takes two”

For this assignment, you should create a model, and you must produce a tasteful underwear ad.

You may only submit (1) photo for this assignment. So choose wisely!

It is suggested that the photo be full-length, but not required.

Just, use your imagination! Are you shunning this model? On a hot date? etc..

Extras are allowed, but you and your model should be the main focus, without taking away from you.


Assignment 2:

“Designer Marketing”

You may remember this assignment from last cycle, however, there is a small difference.

-You should design (1) dress for your model. (by design, i dont expect you to mesh one or anything) Use CC and patterns to your advantage.

– You should be modeling a dress (formal, cocktail, whatever)

– You MUST use: This Runway in at least one of your shots. Please, do NOT edit the runway.

The other shot can be, behind the scenes, after party, whatever.

– Both photos must showcase your dress.

-You must submit (2) photos for this assignment.

– Distance of the shots are at your discretion



-You need to submit (3) photos for the finale.

– You CAN edit these photos, please do NOT go overboard. We want it to remain recognizable as a screenshot.

You will not be judged on your photoshopping skills.

– Your RP should be different for each assignment (since the photos will be showcased seperately based on assignment)

In your assignment 2 RP, be sure to include WHY you think you should be the SAP cycle: 2 winner!

Deadline is Saturday at Midnight CST (going into sunday)

we wanted to give some extra time, because of the double assignments



We know this is a lot of info. Questions? Just ask!


Commentary & Scores

Charlotte Fox

Charlotte Rose


6 Responses to “The Showdown”

  1. Cierra says:

    Woww!Amazes meee

  2. jesshilse says:

    good luck you 2!

  3. uzi666 says:

    quite a finale, 🙂

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