Scores and Commentary – Finale

Assignment One Scores & Commentary


Charlotte Fox – 44pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “LOVE, this shot. I was so suprised that the snakeskin didn’t completely take over, it’s very well balanced and you still stand out nicely. Very tasteful, but still sexy. Amazing job!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “Absolutely beautifully done. The snake-skin print in addition to the expressions on you and Ethan make a very seductive photo. The photo is very print-ad worthy.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “I really fell in love with the snakeskin themed shot you took for assignment one. Everything about it was brilliant and it really amazed me. You fulfilled every criterion here, plus gave us an unexpected twist. Superb job, Charlotte.


Charlotte Rose – 44pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “I was so blown away here. Everything is perfect and well balanced. The soft, but seductive look really works here. Amazing!!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix):  “There is a lot of emotion behind your expression. I really enjoy the photo. The lighting and position of that mirror are spectacular.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “Your first assignment was really promising, Charlotte. Considering that it was one of your final shots, I think you really gave it everything you had and the score I gave you mirrored that. Absolutely beautiful! You’ve done amazingly! I would say that this is one of the best shoots of the whole challenge.”


Assignment Two Scores & Commentary

Charlotte Fox – 45pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “I could see your second photo on the cover of a magazine, or a billboard! I think your use of extras is great, as well as your fierce, but soft poses both on the runway and in your second shot!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): “I really love the pose in your second photo. It is supremely elegant and I could definitely see it as a billboard or even a magazine. Your second photo is great as well. I love the design of the dress you chose. It is very runway.

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “The dress you designed was really eye catching, the shots and facial expressions were absolutely perfect. The only thing that I had to take a point from was lack of creativity. It was definitely ‘different’, but for this challenge I had to carefully consider both models when it came to individual points. The shots were beautiful and very ‘model’ like, though.


Charlotte Rose – 43pts


Eily Ross (commeuneplume): “You are so romantic and elegant! I think that this is a great look for you and your expressions are great! Your dress is very flattering, modest, but still chic and sexy. I feel like the art is a bit distracting from you, but other than that, so fantastic!”

Aubrey Cartwright (drmusix): In your second photo, the furnishings add so much to your photo. Your seductive look in the first is very fitting of your personality. I would have like to see a bit more of your dress on the runway though. The design of your dress, to me, seems elegantly charming. I like it a lot.”

Elysse Bronte (angelofmusic20): “The two shots for assignment two were simply beautiful. Amazing job! The dress that you designed is stunning and you fulfilled every criterion for this assignment.”


Total Scores:

Charlotte Fox – 89pts

Charlotte Rose – 87pts

This means that the winner of SAP Cycle:2 is Charlotte Fox!!



9 Responses to Scores and Commentary – Finale

  1. Rawla says:

    Congratulations Charlotte Fox!

    Both of you did an AMAZING job! Wow. 😀

  2. elizabethwyn says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! 😀 Thank you thank you !!!!!

  3. jesshilse says:

    great job!!! Congrats to you!

  4. jesshilse says:

    so cycle 3 gonna happen soon! Im excited!

  5. Cierra says:



    • Cierra says:

      O wait i kno who won but crongrats Charlotte Fox!!

      But i still wanna kno when cycle 3 is starting……..

      I have my model ready!!

      • modellife says:

        We don’t have a start date for cycle 3. It will be after world adventures releases and after the guys cycle is done. Just stay tuned. We will update this blog

  6. Cierra says:



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